I also host 'fellow herpers' who are here to visit the U.A.E. into the mountains or deserts to get them to meet the precious and interesting local wildlife. Please message me if you wish to receive information with regard to safaris in the U.A.E.

Perhaps not very appealing to wildlife enthusiasts but I also photograph installations, industrial plants and machine rooms on request here in the U.A.E.
Some of my work has been showcased and used in magazines, brochures, presentations and websites.

Behind the scenes

Photographing wildlife also leaves you a lot of good memories, and I am pleased to share some with you:

A solo early morning in the Dubai desert.
I parked my car in order to go further on foot.
I bumped into this Spiny-tailed lizard which was clearly out to search for food. But once it felt my presence it went in search for shelter and thought my car was a good place to hide.
And once it thought it was safe to come out it stuck it's head from behind my tire and made a run for it.
Which resulted into this funny picture.


Welcome to my photo gallery. I am a Dutch wildlife / nature enthusiast, living in Dubai since 2005.

Since I live in the United Arab Emirates, I spend a lot of time in the mountains and the deserts in search of wildlife which is mainly Insects, arachnids and reptiles that live here. The UAE is a very harsh environment with temperatures reaching over 50 degrees C at times. It’s a big surprise to most people that there is a relatively large variety of wildlife in this country.
I capture about any animal I come across with my camera but my greatest passion is reptiles and I spend as much time they grant me as possible for a view.

During winter, I am out as early as sunrise and during summer, sunset is the time to set step onto animal land. Sometimes, one does a major exciting discovery. Read more about it in my 'posts'.



Geckos seem to love climb to up your trousers and shoes or in your neck

Photo courtesy Kris Bell

Up close with a Spiny-tailed lizard

Together with my herping buddies we had been looking for the Arabian Wonder Gecko, Teratoscincus keyserlingii since a very long time. This gecko is pretty rare in the U.A.E..

Same as other nights we had been searching for it in the extreme warm and humid desert, sweat made us sticky and sand all over us and our gear.

Finally one of my friends found a location where these beauties could be spotted. A very exciting moment for everyone you can imagine.



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